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December 7, 2010
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Stamp: Egocentrism FTW... no by Jeshika-Haruno Stamp: Egocentrism FTW... no by Jeshika-Haruno
EDIT: Don't get me wrong, I LOVE and support fan characters (and original characters as well). I have my own fan characters AND pair them up with official characters. I have nothing against FCxCanon pairings! It's just that I think that making a stamp for your own fan character is kind of self-centered. I'm not going to hate you for that, anyway.

Actually, the text is meant to be "Making a stamp for your OC/your OCxCanon shipping is stupid", but 'shipping' didn't fit there...

:bulletred: This is something that pisses me off. Badly. It's okay if you want to create a stamp saying "I support my OCs" (I have mine as well, just... well, it sucks X'D) because everybody who loves their OCs can use it too. But seriously, making a stamp claiming that you're a fan of your own OC (or your OCxCanon pairing) is the most self-centered thing to do.

:bulletred: Of course, I support my own OCs and I love them very much. But I'm not going to make a stamp for them. It's true that I made a stamp for my Naruto OC a long time ago, but I realized how selfish I was and deleted it. My friends should have flamed me for making it... I appreciate that they liked the stamp because that meant they liked my OC, but I was still being a self-centered bitch -_-"

:bulletred: The same applies if you make a stamp for your beloved OCxCanon shipping. Seriously, it only makes your OC look like a Mary Sue. Also, the girls who usually make these stamps are obsessive fangirls, which add more retard-ness to the stamp. If your OCxCanon pairing is oh-so-popular and well developed (which usually doesn't apply to these kind of people's OCs), be sure that someone will make a stamp for it. The same goes for your OC.

:bulletred: That's because now I'm making stamp for my friends <3 I prefer to spend my 'talent' (if I have some when it comes to stamps XD) in my friends, because they are the ones who actually deserve the love and the support <3

:bulletred: Personally, I think that it's more special when someone makes a stamp for you (your OC, your OCxCanon shipping or whatever), because it shows that people actually like your characters, and you feel loved <3 But if you make a stamp for your OC, even if people like/fave/use it, you'll always know that you made it because no one did. And you know what it means :iconforeveraloneplz:

:bulletred: Of course, let's not forget all those fantards who make Fan Clubs for their Mary Sues OCs :icontrollfaceplz:

PEOPLE, THIS IS MY OPINION. If you agree, fav this stamp and comment if you feel like it. If you disagree, simply go back, please.
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myimagination99 Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry ._.
But you're right, it's your opinion and you have the right to say it 
I remember I had a friend who'd always played "competition" with me, like back then when were younger, I would like (this chararacter) and she would too, but she'd over do it to show that she liked the character more than I did (also does a million requests to other people for her ocxcanon) and shoved it down everyone's throats. Then later she made her own stamps of ocx(thischaracter) and requested stamps of said ocx(thischaracter), made me sick. 

and I remember becoming sick of it and a friend made me a stamp of one of my fan characters to make me feel better bout it, which was really nice but I felt kind of bad about it cause I'm not really the one for attention. Also when she asked me if i was okay, my "friend" just told her that I was being "jealous". 

Bluh I was just glad that I wasn't that crazy back then like she was, wheezes, but this stamp brings back a lot of memories ..i remember faving this in my old account and i might just favorite it again 8V this is one of my top 5 favorite stamps on this website
PonyLover5 Dec 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Its a good thing I don't do stamps of my OC's and never make stamps
que esta doble moral? xDDDDDDD
pero bueno si respeto tu opinion

 y si  bueno te entiendo es lo mismo con los fanclubs aunque preferiria no lo dijeras poniendo stamps xDDDD

 y en parte me queda el saco porque enrealidad si he hecho stamps de mis ocs xD lo admito uwu asi como muchas de mis amigas las hacen o las compran (como tu, por eso pense que no era malo teniendo le conocimiento de como hacerlas)  no pense que fuera un motivo o una señal de auto ego de ser una forever alone para ti ^^; dios no se que decir

pero en mi caso la mayor parte de las veces es porque me han pedido las stamps para ponerlas en sus perfiles (ya que muchos no las saben hacer) y otras me las han hecho xDDDDDD tambien hago requests de stamps para otras personas
Jeshika-Haruno Nov 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Las "stamps" de mis OCs han sido hechas por otras personas :) Yo nunca las haría, lo veo como algo egoísta, no lo puedo evitar :shrug: Y si las han hecho otras personas, por supuesto que las voy a poner en mi perfil, con lo bonitas que les quedan. En realidad, no odio a la gente que hace stamps de sus OCs, es simplemente lo que he mencionado al principio. Sólo es mi punto de vista (bueno, y el de muchas otras personas que han faveado la stamp), no todo el mundo tiene que estar de acuerdo.

De todos modos, los fanclubs son mucho peores. Las stamps las puedo soportar, pero los que abren fan clubs para sus personajes o sus parejas... no los puedo tomar en serio :no:
xDDDDDD bueno en mi opinion para m ie exactamente lo mismo pedir una comision de una stamp de tu oc
si te las hacen por regalo y gusto pues vale xD pero siento que es igual de egocentrista comprarlas que hacerlas
pero como dices es mi punto de vista para mi es igual =)

yo entiendo o.o lo que pasa es que si lo he hecho me puse a pensar que quiza tu pensaras eso de mi >///////< como dije muchas me las pidieron porque las querian para sus perfiles y bueno muchas amigtas las hacen pense que no era malo si tenia el conocimiento xDDDDD ademas de que otras me las dieron y bueno las pocas que he hecho si me quedo el saco fue doloroso lo admito TwT es la primera vez que veo un conocido pensar asi

XDDD de los fanclubs ni hablar eso es un poco lejos O3OU pero ya hay muchas que abren sus FC y tiene muchos miembros que bueno genralmente los invitan (que se me hace mucho peor que crear el club en si) pero bueno xD
Brokenwingsoflight Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
MaxterandKiwiKing Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good lord!!! She's a self-centered fangirl TO THE MAX DEGREE!!!
Brokenwingsoflight Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh no she nawt!!!
She kind, an she ownly bwok ppl who are mean to her D: <--sarcasm.

She is. But nobody can give her any criticism or she'll block you
You HAVE to worship Aome in this case. 
Jeshika-Haruno Sep 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
The best example :XD:
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