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August 18, 2008
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NaruHina? No thanks by Jeshika-Haruno NaruHina? No thanks by Jeshika-Haruno
:iconreadplz: :iconreadplz: :iconreadplz: :iconreadplz:

Sorry to all my friends who are fans of NaruHina

But I can't stand this damn pairing :bleh:

And I'm sick of all those drawings pro-NaruHina/Anti-NaruSaku who insult Sakura saying she's useless (WTF??), flat (so what? =| ) and a bitch (in your dreams)

Naruto loves Sakura, and he won't change his mind just because Hinata confess her feelings to him (also, I don't think she will)

And Sakura indeed likes Naruto :P

Nothing more to say, I don't care if NaruHinatards flame me

Naruto, Sakura and Hinata (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Art by =Jeshika-Haruno
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CateDragie Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  New member Hobbyist
Jeshika-Haruno Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Haha, thank you.
T-R-A-N Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Fironhammer Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
mariailyayeva Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013
615, haters.
prettyangel92 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014


662 =)

mariailyayeva Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
631 = joke and proven to be comedic relief by 1) sakura and minato's faces and 2) her reaction.  i mean does sakura hitting naruto seriously scream "NS IS CANNONNNN" to you?

662: Alright so now Sakura can't even do her own job as a medical ninja properly without having you NStards screaming how much she romantically loves Naruto?
Dude. He's her TEAMMATE. of course she's freaking out and trying to save him. if you think that was a romantic moment you really are a fool.
prettyangel92 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014

loool yes, OF was a JOKE and comedic relief

well guess what..IT WASN'T AND I'LL TELL YOU WHY

remember when Naruto said "i hate people who lie to themselves" to Sakura?


and i'm pretty sure that if Minato said those words to Hinata, you guys would all be in cloud nine at the moment and you certainly youldn't say it was comedic yeah, butthurtness to the extreme =)

ok, DO YOU NH FANS FIND ANY NS MOMENT ROMANTIC AT ALL? yeah, pretty sure you don' what's the point in discussing this with you? you guys never admit anything


Naruto attempts of asking her out- IT WASN'T ROMANTIC ACCORDING TO YOU

and the list goes on and on

oh and btw....615 was a HINATA MOMENT =). not NaruHina

mariailyayeva Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
i'll tell you why it wasn't romantic.

1) sakura never stated that she ever had feelings for naruto. it's been repeatedly proven that she still loves sasuke.
2) when was the last time Naruto seriously thought of his feelings for sakura, you know, the  DESPERATE love you NStards love to overemphasize, when it's really just a forgotten crush?
3) let's not forget about hinata. ask yourself this: why did kishi spend 15 PANELS on hinata's reaction ALONE in 662? did he just want to waste panels? no.
he's emphasizing the fact that hinata loves naruto, and that this love won't stop until she dies. it's a reoccurring theme kishi just loves to use. just ask yourself why he keeps bringing her up.
4) just look at the volume cover of 64. that'll explain plenty on how 615 wasn't simply a "hinata moment". and even if it is a "hinata moment", are you gonna forget the fact that naruto held her hand? and dont use the stupid chakra transfer excuse. we all know what happened in that moment.
kishi built up naruto's reaction to hinata caressing his cheek. naruto held up his hand, held her hand while her hand is still on his cheek, SQUEEZES her hand as sort of a silent "thank you", stands up with her hand in his, and holds her hand, thanking her for being by his side. do you understand the significance between those words, let alone the romantic implications in them? 

okay let's get to NS
NS hug scene: sakura thanks naruto for saving the village and hugs him. now since you guys think naruto's so madly in love with sakura, you'd expect him to hug her back. so why doesnt he do this? why doesnt kishi draw naruto hugging her back? because it wasn't supposed to be romantic. sakura was representing the village and how grateful they all are to naruto, and what better way to do it than a hug?
let's analyze a hug and a hand hold, shall we? now one can simply hug another individual, be it family, friend, etc. but this gesture isn't exclusive to only one meaning. you can hug anyone and it can still be friendly gesture. it's even used as a greeting in some countries.
but how about a hand hold? when's the last time you saw two "friends" holding each others' hands in PUBLIC with people who might get the wrong idea? it's pretty rare if you think about it. 
so why would naruto do such a bold move to hinata? i mean, at this point everyone is staring at both of them. he THANKS her for being BY HIS SIDE this WHOLE TIME. 

moving on, the infamous date requests. These are usually used as comedic relief and accompanied by a rejection from sakura as well as a slap/punch/kick in some cases. the whole point of these are to make you laugh as the poor naruto tries to ask sakura out but fails miserably. plus im not even sure why you're even bringing this up, like the last time he asked her out to a date was the first chapter of part 2 if im not mistaken. and im talking canon here, don't start giving me numbers on when it happened in the anime or whatever. 

and im not butthurt lmao. dude this is fiction, i set my limits and boundaries. it's foolish to get "butthurt" over fantasy. but i do love to debunk silly NS claims, it brings me joy. 
minato would never say hinata is like kushina, because she isn't. plus if you really think about it, the only reason minato made that comparison was because sakura hit naruto. that's so romantic, isn't it?
i mean look at minato's face. he's scared shitless.
sakura is like outside kushina, while hinata can be compared with inner kushina, the loving and caring personality she shows. 

and i just love how you say the list goes on and on. you only gave me two freakin' scenarios. 

just face it, NS isn't gonna happen. i suggest you get your life jackets soon 'cause you ship is sinking. 
prettyangel92 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014

funny how you guys say Sakura doesn't love Naruto because she never stated that...but when it comes to Naruto loving Sakura, AND, even though HE STATED IT, you all deny and say he's always joking...just, LOOOOL

but ok...sure, Sakura didn't state she loves Naruto...but since when do NS fans say she's deeply in love with him? all we say is that she still loves Sasuske but she's starting to have some feelings for Naruto. two different things

Kishi did Hinata's reaction, just like he did Sakura and Karin's reaction too....what the hell is your point? he showed Hinata's love for Naruto, nothing new. he's been doing that since..forever...just like he's been showing Naruto's love for Sakura since....forever as well

and one more you know why Hinata is appearing so much, despite being an irrelevant SIDE CHARACTER? because Kishi knows she has tons of crazy western fans who go gaga for her. Kishi is just giving you guys some joy =)

cause believe me, she's a nobody in Japan. no one gives a fuck about her....Sakura is the only female character on their most recent poll. they love Sakura and NaruSaku to pieces

rofl omg..ok, first of attention to the cover....THEY'RE NOT LOOKING AT EACHOTHER. THEY'RE LOOKING AT NEJI...second...yes, it was to transfer his chakra, and it's clearly pointed out in the chapter...heck, even in the next chapter, he hold hands with Tenten..i guess they're canon too

ok, that's the most stupid thing i've ever read....Naruto didn't hug her back, because HE WAS SURPRISED...MY GOD, IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? he wasn't expecting that Sakura WOULD EVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO HIM.

ok, are you stupid? did you see Sakura's hug? IT WASN'T FRIENDLY AT ALL..i don't hug my male friends like that. i'm sorry if you do but i certainly don't

and do you know how many times Naruto held other people's hands? why is the NH moment  the romantic one, only?

"minato would never say hinata is like kushina, because she isn't. plus if you really think about it, the only reason minato made that comparison was because sakura hit naruto. that's so romantic, isn't it?"

- i think you missed the point, sweetie =)

Minato saw NS's moment in his own relatinship with Kushina....SHE USED TO BRING HIM DOWN TOO. (and we still don'tn know if she used to hit him as well, because Kishi didn't show that)

and wtf, he isn't scared....

Sakura can also be CARING AND LOVING, in case you didn't notice

and you clearly don't read enough shounen manga....all female characters are TSUNDERES. if you actually don't understand what a tsundere is and you think Sakura hitting Naruto is an abusive thing, then you're obviously very ignorant. want me to tell you how many female tsundere charatcers ended up with the male protagonist, DESPITE HITING THEM?

i don't need to show you a complete list...only a fool or a very delusional NH fan wouldn't notice the tons of NS moments throughout the whole manga...

and funny how you say that i only mentioned 2 scenarios....but NH moments are like.... 1? LMAO. heck, the're not even NH moments. they're HINATA moments...don't make me laugh

just face it, NH isn't gonna happen. i suggest you get your life jackets soon 'cause you ship is sinking. 

no, actually....your ship never existed to begin with

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